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From Creator ~ The Government of Unity and Love

“Our hopes for a more just, safe, and peaceful world can only be achieved when there is universal respect for the inherent dignity and equal rights of all members of the human family.” – Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka


Kanatea Global de jure General Assembly

We the People


#371 - 2400 Chemin Lucerne

Mont-Royal, QC H3R 2J8 Canada

Circa 2021

tabula rosa

Kanatea Global de jure General Assembly

Common Law Grand Jury




We the People of Kanatea Global de jure General Assembly, functioning as a Republic, decide for ourselves to lawfully assemble and call a Grand Jury.  We meet Qualification, we function under Quorum, we declare Jurisdiction in our Notification, we follow our Procedures for dispute settlement and enforcement, and Termination of enforcement at jury satisfaction. 


Law of the Land

Love All People as Yourself and do no Harm



An open public jural assembly was convened, of "We THE People" retaining our sovereignty provided by our Creator, of the land called Kanatea Global, a Free and Independent nation=state on January 25, 2021, certified summary of minutes are attached and included along with global area defined.


From the Old-World Order, We THE People of Kanatea Global de jure General Assembly = “The State” enact “tabula rosa”; to start anew with a fresh, open mind where everything and anything is possible.  Kanatea Global de jure General Assembly’s Lawful Designate of area land is earth (defined as the third planet from our sun by a distance of 146 million km, having a diameter of 12,753 km, a mass of 6.5e21 tons, and a density of 5,515 kg/m^3). Each state, province, municipal, county, canton, country and/or any other international legal designate as may have been created, outlined, assigned, controlled, liened, regulated, assumed as owned, et al by Vatican City (Lateran Treaty, 1929), the City of London (Granted Private Sovereign statehood in 1694 by King William III), and Washington DC (The 1871 Act)., retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every Power, Jurisdiction, and right, expressly delegated by Creator God and Kanatea Global de jure General Assembly invokes lawful documents revoking, and rescinding all amendments thereafter and places sovereign power unto itself.


In so ratifying and adopting the amendable usage of the above attachments, "We the People" of Kanatea Global de jure General Assembly, a Free and Independent state, desire to serve Notice upon the World, through any and/or all available media applied and freely dispersed; including by, but not limited to/through, de facto Canada Postal Service in accord with this Notice establishing, through this Notice. Kanatea Global de jure General Assembly, a Free and Independent state Declares nation=state (status), by the will of "We the People" on/in/of Kanatea Global de jure General Assembly a Free and Independent state, the land.


No assumptions and/or presumptions shall be presented against, nor changes made to this Notice.

We do not intend to join any affiliations with IMF, World Banks, United Nations, Federal Reserve or any/all such organizations. We are not affiliated with the Republic for the united States of America= RuSA, with Canada the Corporation, the Common Wealth, The Vatican, The City of London, Washington DC, or any other organizations seemingly representing states or other authorities over us. We revolt and remain belligerent and independent against all foreign alleged encumbrance/claims associated with the corporate United States Incorporated and corporate States and all others, as debtors in every/any circumstance past/present/ future contracts, known=unknown alleged to hold private individual sentient, flesh and blood, living beings as collateral for same through fictional established "NAMES", governmental trust, religious trust, taxation, fees, permits, fines, ordinances, licensing, franchising etc., and unlimited other implied contractual sources as so brought forth by agents and agencies affiliated with the same; and corporate entities Internationally and Worldwide, without full knowledgeable=disclosure and consent to=of each and every individual.


We adhere to a Republican form of government couched in the Natural Law of which shall be a permanent law form, through lawful contractual agreements, privately and publicly and Natural law shall be the remedy in all disagreement.



When a group of People wish to create a lifestyle, an environment, a means -- through which their hopes, dreams, talents,  and time may be sovereign and produce affects under circumstances that uplift and foster unity, support and love -- you have a powerfully lawful unbreakable and life-affirming community.


When any number of local communities evolving and maturing; melding and moulding,  to cater to the needs, wants and desires of the People that are attracted to each in their uniqueness and best-fit for their People, will work together within and associate & support other communities.


When respect, love, honour and kindness radiates outward from within each human, is placed as paramount within each community, and those communities function from a perspective of as within, so without, all People will have diversity, inclusion, peace and prosperity forever.

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