Kanatea Global de jure General Assembly

Resolution of One Accord



Ratified:  February 17, 2021

And taken from, in whole and/or in part from the National Committee of Safety with gratitude, partnership, acceptance, recognition, and honour.


This Kanatea Global de jure Assembly Resolution of One Accord “The Accord”, is made up of ideals that are innate in everyone. This is a living document that will be modified to express and represent the growing comprehension and awareness of the People, and must always be in line with what is best for the people, the planet, and the individual human experience.  We proclaim this our WIN, WIN, WIN ideal, paramount in consideration of any decisions, collective or individually, made by our proclaimed society and inclusive of all our People.


In union with and through the assistance and arms length support of The Global Intelligence Agency operating from the Office of the Global Directorate, and the Office for the Global Repository, we hereby recognize, request and accept in Agency their protection of the fundamental rights of our People, to provide guidance and assist with enforcement but, who by mutual and common recognition, are ultimately also accountable to our People.


We state of our society that, regardless of our differences, and in fact, in reverence to each sovereign uniqueness, this document expresses common values that we can agree are essential for humanity at large to thrive. These are the Laws of the Land. The People must be of one accord on the contents expressed here in for this document to have any meaning or value.  Therefore, each of our People will make solemn declaration and oath of commitment, to uphold and support the ideals and frameworks presented herein.

To establish the framework for a government that operates in the best interests of the People, it is essential that we agree on the core fundamental principles that foster human life. These ideals will act as the unbreakable and vital bonds that form the foundation for our new world, both within this de jure Assembly, and in reverence, respect, and recognition of all others.


1. All life is sacred. Natural Law applies to all inhabitants of this planet and beyond. This principle is innate within every sentient being.  Therefore, all life must be engaged with love, respect and purpose, considering the role each of us plays in the overall ecosystem of our



2.  Humanity 14c. (Mankind 13c.) as a whole is responsible for the well-being of all life on the planet; the planet and its inhabitants. Regardless of the manifestation, the Assembly governing body must consider the consequences of their actions as they apply to the people, the planet and the individual human experience. This consideration must always be weighed appropriately before any decision, direction, or guidance is presented as the Law of the Land. If the people follow Natural Law no other laws are needed.


3. Public comprehension of accurate information is the cornerstone of a successful government. Those elected to represent the people have an obligation to inform those they represent, of the full scope of details, purpose, operation, and impact pertaining to any law, spending, project, or contribution. There must be a cause of action coupled with informed consent for any and all government activities. Laws and bills must be written and passed singly, without inclusion of other items, and must be written compactly in language understandable to a 5th grader.


4. The people must have a voice that represents their genuine interests. Elected officials must be part of the community which they represent. Officials agree by the acceptance of their election that they will conduct their public and private business in an ethical manner.


5.  The Kanatea Global de jure General Assembly has a Service Body called the Council of Peers made up of fifteen (15) elected officials who hold office for a two-year term and whose mandate is to be of service to the Assembly society.  The Office positions include:

  • Sargent at Arms

  • Sargent at Arms Vice

  • Legislative General

  • Legislative Vice

  • Media General

  • Treasury

  • Treasury Vice

  • Advocate General

  • Secretary of Records

  • Secretary of Records Vice

  • Elders (4 positions)

6. The integrity of the news-related media must be established and maintained as a method of communication responsible to inform the collective. They are responsible to share the information they gain access to, and are accountable to investigate the validity of their sources. The media should resemble a scientific process, pursuing evidence of theoretical or speculative information and refraining from drawing final conclusions until proof has been gathered. Their final report should reflect their thought process, methods of research, and reasons for their conclusions.


7. Food, water, soil, air, and aether are essential components to life on earth. It is a crime against humanity to alter or withhold or cause circumstance that withhold these core components in any way that negatively affects human vitality. Companies, organizations, government offices, and individuals currently involved with this type of detrimental activity must conduct an immediate audit of their operations and be prepared to cease and desist any further action based on the results.


8.  Laws must be enforced always considering the spirit of the law over the letter of the law. All actions have natural consequences whether positive or negative. Peace Officers Bodies of law enforcement are responsible for the safety of the people they are charged to protect. They must be directed by the de jure Assemblies, and Committees of Safety. Peace Officers Law Enforcement Officers are required to uphold the Law of the Land and must be held to a high

standard to restore the integrity of those who have previously held their positions. Sheriffs in local communities should establish community safety groups that are trained to identify dangerous situations and the appropriate responses to those situations. These officers are responsible to the People whether on duty or off. They should be respected as the authority representing the laws that keep the people safe.  Kanatea, as a global de jure General, non-geographical Assembly will seek out to liaison with such geographical Assembly law enforcement and contribute in shared geographical areas as needed.  Our Global General Assembly sees its purpose as supporting and assisting any local geographic assembly in any way it can along with serving our People.


9. Our Kanatea Global de jure General Assembly is formed by the People from which we elected our Council of Peers. Regular meetings are held and open to the public. The core officers for the Assembly Council are nominated and elected by other Assembly jurists and our Society and hold Office for a two- year term.  Our Assembly is composed of representatives from our People, but open to all who wish to join our Global General Assembly.


10. During this transitional and start-up period the Kanatea Global de jure General Assembly will report to the Global Directorate Office. This will remain in force until such time as our Assembly and the People are able to establish an organized operation respecting all, Natural Laws.  We will appreciate and accept such well intentioned guidance, assistance and support.


11. No one shall be held in slavery; slavery and the slave-trade in all their forms shall be prohibited. No one shall be held in servitude.


12. All malicious acts against humanity and nature including all the kingdoms of nature must stop immediately or be punished by death. The original organic human genome and the human DNA must remain pristine and untrammelled as it is the key to the evolution of humanity and many worlds. This includes but is not limited to the withholding of essential information necessary for people to intelligently decide about whether to use or not to use medical treatments, biological weapons being used in the water supply and pharmaceuticals, genetically modified farming, bio-engineering of any kind, mind control usage of frequencies, withholding of known cures under the guise of protecting the economy, adrenochrome production (and/or using children for sexual exploitation in any way (including all forms of paedophilia), using humans for experimentation, extraction of and selling human body parts on earth or elsewhere for the purpose of greed.

13. All Non-Government Organizations are immediately terminated as they are not required in our Assembly.  Our Assembly is sovereign and therefore autonomous. 


14. The Assembly will have nine core activity committees that serve to meet the needs and will of the people and consists of:


a. Officers, Law & Law Enforcement

b. Health & Wellness Committee

c. Nature Preservation and Protection Committee

d. Needs Assessment Committee

e. Treasury Committee

f. Project Management Committee

g. Family Services Committee

h. Educational Development Committee

i. Security Committee


The heads of the Committees will serve as members of the Global Committee of Safety within the Assembly and liaison with the Global Intelligence Agency, representing the Assembly in carrying out the interests, goals, dreams and higher purpose of all Peoples.


15. When the National Committee of Safety Assembles, they will have a general session and create breakout sessions where the various Core Activity Committees will present their obstacles, solutions and best practices in a collaborative effort to learn from each other.

Committees will be responsible to report back to their Assembly Society representatives and the Assembly Counsel of Peers. The Assembly Society Representatives could be different at every national Assembly Meeting or as will serve the greater population.


16. The people recognize that there are things that exist that may be invisible, metaphysical, or immeasurable that have tangible effects. It is essential to respect this diversity as a reality that is part of the human experience to want to connect and comprehend our origins, powers latent within, and potential. Therefore, people are free to communicate, observe, practice, participate, believe, or create any spiritual, energetic, or religious activity so long as it does not hurt others, incite violence, or violate the Natural and fundamental rights of the people and in practise, has the intent to benefit the greater good of all. Regardless of the circumstances these rights will always be protected without exception.


17. The People are henceforth responsible to govern themselves and work peacefully towards common goals that empower, assist and protect themselves, the planet, and all life on Earth. The purpose, meaning, and value of these things may be expressed and appreciated by anyone and everyone in different ways. These differences are an essential part that defines the human experience and although they have been used in the past to divide us, we will endeavour to use

those same qualities to draw us closer together.  The perspective will always be -- how can we and not why we cannot.


18.  The following is a list of Unalienable Rights of the Assembly of Society Members – including but not limited to:


  • The Right to Life, Sovereignty, Freedom, Health, and the Pursuit of purpose fulfillment unhindered

  • The right to contract or not to Contract, which is unlimited

  • The Right to find self sustenance unhindered by regulations, statutes or laws that are counter to the one Natural law.

  • The Right to Privacy and Confidentiality, free from unwanted or unauthorized invasion

  • The Right to Allodial Property acquisition and title including ones own biological form.

  • The Right to make restitution for trespasses upon natural law

  • The Right to refuse any seeming obligation by any authority if it breaks the one Natural law.